Newair portable ice makers

Compact And Convenient: NewAir Portable Icemakers

newair portable ice makersSome people may wonder why exactly portable ice makers are needed. There really are many reasons. At parties, ice is an essential item. You can make it at your home without having to run to the store to purchase it. If you live in a small home, apartment or even an RV, the compact size of a portable ice maker might appeal to you.


It’s just plain convenient to be able to make your own ice. The cycles are faster than the cycles on a standard refrigerator ice maker as well! NewAir Portable Icemaker is made in stylish designs so they complement almost any decor. Fast and attractive, portable ice makers are just what you need to enjoy a lazy summer afternoon.


One such ice maker is the NewAir Portable Icemaker. This very compact unit makes up to 28 pounds of ice per day. It is meant for countertop use and has a sleek silver exterior. You don’t have to wait a long time for ice because this ice maker begins making ice within 15 minutes of being turned on. There are three different sizes of ice that can be made with this machine.
You don’t need to connect the AI-100S to a drainage line. Simply turn it on, fill it with water and go. NewAir Portable Icemaker connects to a standard household outlet and has a full ice bin indicator on the front panel. You’ll also know when it needs more water because there is an indicator for that on the front panel as well. A side mounted drain is used to empty the unused water from the tank.
To clean the NewAir Portable Icemaker, just wipe with soap and water. There is a one year manufacturer’s warranty and you can use tap or bottled water with this unit. This unit is fully portable and does not have to be permanently installed. It comes with a removable bin and ice scoop.
When NewAir Portable Icemaker arrives, remember to clean it before using it. If it has a self-clean cycle you should run it with a capful of vinegar or lemon juice . This helps to remove any plastic taste from the machinery that might flavor your ice. You should run a cycle like this every so often to clean the ice maker from impurities and help remove any calcium build-up cause by hard water.
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The next time you are holding a lukewarm drink or have a hankering for a smoothie, think about buying an icemaker.

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